Your Professional Basement Waterproofing in Edmonton!

Here are three tips from the Edmonton waterproofing experts at Ramco Foundation Repairs for waterproofing a basement that all homeowners can try:

Tip #1 - Maintain your gutters

When trying to waterproof the lowest part of your home, you might not think about looking up. Proper roof drainage, however, is crucial for preventing basement leaks. Roofs have a large surface area on which water collects when it rains, and this water needs to be directed well away from foundation walls.

A big step to waterproofing your Edmonton home is simply cleaning your gutters on a regular basis and making sure that your downspouts discharge at least two to three metres away from your foundation.

Tip #2 - Watch out for condensation

Sometimes a basement which doesn't have a leak can still have a condensation problem due to the climate or other factors in your home. Too much condensation can cause structural damage, so you need to take steps to correct it. One of the best ways to remove condensation is by using a dehumidifier to suck the moisture out of the way. Opening a window from time-to-time might also help.

Tip #3 - Check your soil grade

Back outside, another major factor which may contribute to basement leaks and water damage is a property soil grade which slopes towards your home, rather than away from it. It won't matter how well your gutters and downspouts are positioned if the water they release simply drains back towards your foundation.

It is important to ensure that there is a positive slope away from the foundation. The grade can become more gradual beyond this point, but should still never begin sloping back towards your home. You can use clean fill dirt to correct your property's soil grade. While all of these measures are important in keeping water out of your basement, without a properly functioning weeping tile system, no amount of surface drainage control can guarantee a dry basement. Positive drainage around your home will reduce the amount of water that reaches the weeping tile system and may reduce the frequency of flooding or the severity, and will extend the life of the weeping tile system (if present). However, during long periods of rain or intense downpours, the soil can become saturated and lose its ability to drain fast enough. That is when a weeping tile system becomes necessary. If you plan on finishing your basement or storing valuables there, there is no substitute for a weeping tile system.

How Edmonton Waterproofing Professionals Can Help

Following these tips can definitely help you take care of some simple waterproofing tasks yourself, but you may also want to get in touch with Edmonton waterproofing technicians to make sure that your basement truly is no longer susceptible to water incursion.

The experienced team at Ramco Foundation Repairs can be counted on to fix leaks, repair and install weeping tile systems, and completely damp-proof your basement. We encourage homeowners to do what they can to maintain their property, but we also can't stress the importance of letting experts tackle the harder waterproofing tasks for you.

At Ramco Foundation Repairs we are proud to provide free estimates on our work so that you can know exactly what to expect before we begin. Don't hesitate to contact Ramco Foundation Repairs for a free estimate today.

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