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Why Foundation Repairs Are Sometimes Necessary

Foundation repairs are needed when the foundation of a home has settled irregularly. Irregular foundation settlement is typically caused by building on unstable soils. Some soils are expansive while other are compressible, and either can lead to problems.

Water is generally the main culprit behind soil movement. Varying levels of moisture can cause soil to swell or shrink. Soils with a high clay content tend to be most susceptible to movement, and older homes are especially likely to develop foundation issues.

When a home settles unevenly because sections of the soil underneath expand or contact, the foundation can develop cracks and damage. Proper foundation maintenance can help mitigate some of the effects of soil movement, but some cracking over the years is often inevitable.

Signs That You Need Foundation Repair

Getting foundation repair when you need it is important, and thankfully there are some clear signs that you require foundation repair which you can look out for:

  • Doors and windows are not fitting in their frames as they used to.
  • Doors and windows are sticking shut after being closed
  • The appearance of gaps between the ceiling and crown molding.
  • Gaps between windows and doors and the caulking around them.
  • Creases, wrinkles, and tears in wallpaper.
  • Noticeable floor sloping. Roughly an inch of slope over 20 feet could signify a problem.
  • Patios pulling away from the home's exterior walls.

What Might Happen If Foundation Repairs Are Not Done?

If you notice some signs that you need foundation crack repair in Edmonton but fail to get it done, then you may be putting the structural integrity of your home at risk. Over time, your home can develop poor drainage, uneven doorways, uneven floors which create tripping hazards, and even cracks in the exterior and interior walls. Your home can becoming unsafe and lose much of its value if foundation problems are not addressed.

Expert Foundation Repair in Edmonton

The state of their foundation is something that homeowners can usually forget about but, if it's clear that your home is beginning to develop signs of uneven settlement, then you need to take action to have it fixed. The Edmonton foundation repair technicians at Ramco Foundation Repairs can help you get the problem fixed before it causes more damage.

You can schedule an appointment with Ramco Foundation Repairs for a foundation assessment, and we'll provide you with a free quote for fixing any foundation cracks and damage.

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