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Structural & Foundation Crack Repair in Edmonton & Northeastern Alberta

Cracked foundations lead to expensive, hard-to-fix structural problems. If your home’s foundation has a crack, don’t wait to repair it. Get the experienced technicians at Ramco Foundation Repairs to fix that crack before it grows.

We Fix Every Type of Foundation Crack

Sometimes you need more than a quick fix for foundation cracks. That’s why Ramco Foundation Repairs offers comprehensive repair services, including complete foundation replacement, horizontal crack repair, pile installations, and engineer-designed structural repair.

To understand more about what we do, we encourage you to review our full array of services for foundation crack repair in Edmonton:

  • Horizontal Crack Repair: If your foundation has horizontal cracks, you need to get them fixed immediately. These subtle, but damaging cracks bow your basement’s wall, eventually requiring a total wall replacement. To prevent this problem, we install an interior bracing wall and waterproof your foundation’s exterior.
  • Pile Installations: When wet soil has made one of your basement walls sink, our team will install a helical pile—a wall-supporting steel foundation system.
  • Engineer-Designed Structural Repair: We work with your building’s engineer or a third-party consultant to determine the most efficient, least disruptive area to repair. We believe in using an outside engineer to prevent any conflicts of interest.
  • Foundation Replacement: When your foundation is beyond repair, our team safely supports your home with steel beams to remove the damaged foundation and build a new one. We change out one wall at a time while you remain in your home.

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Ramco Foundation Repairs has served the greater Edmonton area for over 30 years. In addition to our foundation repair services, we do basement waterproofing and install sump pump systems. We also can replace your basement’s damaged walls.

If your home needs foundation crack repair in Edmonton, call us toll-free today for a foundation repair cost estimate.