Waterproofing, Leaky Basement Repair Services & More in Edmonton & Northeastern Alberta

Normally, you don’t worry about your basement. It stays dry, and it doesn’t smell like mould or mildew. However, your basement recently developed water problems, and you worry that the leak could affect your building’s safety and structural integrity.

If you find yourself in this situation, contact the experts at Ramco Foundation Repairs for waterproofing in Edmonton. Since 1985, we have helped residents and businesses correct all types of wet foundation and basement issues. If you need basement waterproofing, leak repair, or weeping tile repair at your Edmonton home, you can count on us to provide the most professional experience possible. Our services feature free estimates and fair prices.

Install or Repair a Weeping Tile System

Weeping tile systems consist of perforated plastic tubes that collect water around or under your foundation. Once the weeping tile collects the water, it directs into a sump system. With weeping tile, you don’t have to worry about standing water accumulating in your basement. We can install both exterior and interior underslab (French) systems.

While weeping tiles can help you effectively control water, they also accumulate silt over time, which reduces their efficacy. We provide cleanings and repairs to keep your system functional.

Damp-Proof Your Basement

Moisture can also enter your basement as vapour. We reduce this moisture by installing Bakor or Grace coatings with the SuperSeal Dimpled Membrane, an air gap membrane foundation wrap. The membrane consists of dense, durable polyethylene. Because of its dimples, this membrane creates a quarter-inch air gap that isolates your foundation from any outside moisture. It also bridges any potential gaps.

Seal Foundation Cracks

We have factory training and approval to apply the Kryton Krystol® Waterproofing System to seal your basement. The system works for both exterior and interior repairs, and we use it in conjunction with a membrane during exterior service. We’ll assess your foundation and let you know if exterior or interior repairs would serve you better.

Schedule Repairs

We have successfully repaired and waterproofed thousands of metres of cracks and leaks. If you need leaky basement repair in Edmonton, call now for a free estimate.